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Kerry Packer Generous media mogul and the man who nearly Broke Mgm

Always loved this man, many people were deeply saddened when she learned of Kerry Packer's death in December 2005th He won several million dollars to a total somewhere between 20 million and 40 million in Las Vegas' MGM over a period of several days that ultimately the careers of several casino employees, executives, in fact, all of their influences had used to reel him have ruined become a player in the MGM casino. Ironically, when these executives reeled in the whale of a lifetime, they did not want him, but because of its strong position as a media mogul, they could not do anything, except to tolerate him.

Kerry Packer was a media tycoon, that had an estimated net worth of somewhere around 4.7 billion dollars. He was the richest man in Australia to make his money from Media Holdings, including television and print media. He was heavily involved in gambling and tourism, and took keen interest in Melbourne's Crown Casino.

Packer was a big polo player and feel like betting on what a great casino. He was a heavy smoker and one who lived as hard as many players do, but he was different than the typical gambler. Kerry Packer lived hard, worked hard and played hard.

It was found that to be a big risk for each casino, have in their society, because he more than he lost, which is one reason the casino by MGM executives lost their jobs said upon bringing Packers have been won by their doors. The risks that it takes to play at their tables enormous risks for the casinos, especially since his games of choice were baccarat and blackjack.

A media company once reported that a number of years, Packers had won seven million U.S. dollars each year in the London casinos would still ultimately the London casinos the casinos, where Packer is the largest loss, and that in 1999.One would suffer the greatest losses occurred Packer ever experienced in 1999 occurred when he visited London casinos and went to 28 million dollars, allegedly the largest simultaneous loss in the history of should have the World Games.

Bob Stupak was told, witnessed a rare moment of unusual circumstance, when Kerry Packer once played in a casino, and quoted an arrogant Texas millionaire's net worth in a drunken stupor. The claim, loudly and repeatedly that he was worth 60 million dollars, the Texas millionaire Mr. Packer asked the question. He offered to flip a coin for the 60 million millionaires, only for him to silence. He had worked and it is doubtful whether the coin was tossed.

Kerry Packer died on 26 December 2005 at his home in Sydney, Australia. He is by everyone who knew him as the true and greatest players of this world, very lacking, but more importantly, as a good businessman that he was in many facets of the corporate world. Kerry Packer was only 68 years old.

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